The Best in the World: At What I Have No Idea review

51y3hSbEMYLA 12-million dollar bounty on his head, a prostitute offering to drain his balls, how he ended up in an unsecured war zone in Al-Qaeda, Chris Jericho’s 3rd autobiography is another controversial exciting adventure.

Entitled, The Best in the World: At What I Have No Idea, picks up where Jericho left off in Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps. Making his big return with disappointing fanfare. After getting a “You fucked up!” chant in Madison Square Garden against JBL, Jericho decided it was time to reinvent himself. No more jokes, no more interviewing WWE Superstars on his Highlight Reel show, and no more dressing like a rock star.

Inspired by the villain in No Country for Old Men and WWE Hall-of-Famer Nick Bockwinkel, Jericho created his new persona, The Best in the World. Jericho, along with Peter Thomas Fornatale, write in detail how the fans should react. In short, “I wanted them to boo the shit out of me.”

Creating one of the greatest feuds in WWE history against Shawn Michaels with his new character came with a heavy price. Michaels bleed so much in one of their matches causing blood to be banned from WWE. According to Jericho, he accidentally hit Michaels’ wife so hard in the face it resulted in some dramatic tension backstage. Getting nailed by a Duracell D battery eventually led to fans throwing glow sticks that hit a kid in attendance and arguing with management afterwards. However, Jericho was rewarded for his hard work with another reign as World Heavyweight Champion.

It is incredible how much amazing tales are in this book. His WWE run up till Royal Rumble 2013, his adventures touring the world and meeting music legends with his band Fozzy, his 15 minutes of fame on Dancing With The Stars that nearly ended his wrestling career. Just a small sample of the must-read content. Unfortunately, there is no mention of his 2010 arrest in Kentucky or his rumored affair with former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly. His international incidents in Vancouver and Brazil are mentioned though.

The best part of this read is the conversations between Jericho and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. At times they are just yelling coarse language at each other in furious shouting matches. Jericho’s portray of McMahon and the happenings behind-the-scenes will shock many fans. Some will laugh for years to come.

The Best in the World: At What I Have No Idea

by Chris Jericho with Peter Thomas Fornatale

432 pp.

Available tomorrow





Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day review

Alexander_and_the_Terrible,_Horrible,_No_Good,_Very_Bad_Day_posterA birthday wish curses Alexander Cooper’s entire family as he watches each go through extreme mishaps in the new Disney movie, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Alexander (Ed Oxenbuld) had a day where pretty much everything went wrong. He embarrassed himself in front of the girl he likes and his class, no one is going to his birthday party, and his family is busy with their own lives to give him much attention. He wishes on a birthday sundae that they could experience his pain.

The movie is a lot of fun because Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner play great parents. Carell as Ben whom is always optimistic and tries to positive and funny. Garner as Kelly is always trying to be politically correct and professional. Kelly works while Ben is unemployed taking care of the baby. When disasters hit the family they do whatever they can to keep their clan going. Eldest son Anthony (Dylan Minette) gets a pimple before prom, their daughter (Kerris Dorsey) gets sick before her big part as Peter Pan in the school play, the baby gets green marker all over his face, they deal with it along with their own problems.

Although it might sound a bit too dramatized the film feels like this is what a family goes through. Days when nothing goes right and your mom sees your penis. The funny moments, mainly with Carell, followed by a bit of harsh reality is the best parts. It feels like the writers had a good understanding what goes through the mind of a middle child almost on the verge of being a teen. Eerily familiar personally.

Highly recommend this flick as it was surprisingly highly enjoyable. One of the sleeper hits of the year.


Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition review

1345002491469Relive the classic Disney fantasy tale with Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition, now in blu-ray HD and has new deleted scenes that tell of a completely different version with a deleted character.

Loaded with extra content and featuring the original 75-minute film remastered with greater detail on backgrounds and landscapes. Maleficent casting a spell of pending doom on Princess Aurora while three fairies pretend to be her aunts does not go down like the live action movie did. Prince Philip ends up as the main hero after his brief encounter with Aurora causes him to fall in love with her.

As shown in the bonus features, it is a fairy-tale that modern flicks criticize and poke fun at for being so distant and far-fetched from how people actually are. Suited for fans of the original, or if you enjoy watching classical animation. While Maleficent is highlighted heavy in the extras, there is nothing but a trailer when it comes to the movie starring the dark fairy.

The three new scenes are a rough draft of moments that are major and slight modifications to the tale. Different approaches to Maleficent’s entrance and Aurora getting led to the spinning wheel are two of them. The third one entitled “The Fair” is a what if Aurora stayed locked in the castle scenario. As can be expected, Aurora dreams of being free from her shielded imprisonment and eventually gets the opportunity to sneak away to a fair. In this scenario Maleficent enlists the services of a Vulture that is trying to find a better use than what he is. Pretty much a comedy character.

Disney will only have Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition available for a limited time before it goes back in their vault for a long time. If you are thinking about purchasing it do not hesitate.



30 Years of WrestleMania book review

91GITP1OCpLThe heart-pounding excitement of the grandest spectacle in WWE, WrestleMania, is captured throughout the 30 Years of WrestleMania book with jaw-dropping photos and features on key superstars who became legendary.

Every match, every moment, recaptured with a summary of every WrestleMania that took place. If you did not know the gamble Vince McMahon put his company through and how WrestleMania revolutionized the world of pro wrestling, you are about to find out.

Hulkamania running wild for the first nine Manias, Undertaker winning 21 straight matches, the rise of the John Cena era, so many iconic moments went down at the event known as “The Granddaddy of Them All.”

Main event matches and special attractions such as the Money in The Bank match, Ric Flair VS. Shawn Michaels, The Rock n’ Sock Connection VS. Evolution, are given more words and space likely to help illustrate to the reader the main selling points of a particular Mania. The rare comments from the superstars give you a new in-depth look on a match. Kevin Nash criticizing the decision-making behind WrestleMania X8 is shocking to read. There was evidently a considerable amount of time put into the quality of every page.

Although it’s only a little over 200 pages, vast amounts of history is covered. An incredible nostalgia trip for die-hard fans. Thankfully, this is an uncensored look at the history of WrestleMania. Blood is shown, Divas wrestling in their bra and panties is recaptured, even Chris Benoit and his accomplishments are mentioned and highlighted. Pre-show matches were not covered.

Also included in the book is every Hall of Fame inductee since WWE started it in 1993. A look at the start and success of WrestleMania Axxess is given a quick two-page spread. HHH’s 18 matches also got a two-page spread while Undertaker’s streak got four pages.


30 Years of WrestleMania

Written by Brian Shields & Dean Miller

DK Books

224 pp.

Released Sept. 15, 2014

Muppets Most Wanted review

A evil Kermit the Frog look-alike and Ricky Gervais are taking the Muppets on a world tour of shows and secret burglary while real Kermit is in a Russian jail in the new movie, Muppets Most Wanted.

Gervais plays Dominic Badguy, an international manager that is getting the Muppets booked in better places than Kermit (Steve Whitmire) and getting them sold out quite easily. Kermit, feeling useless and ignored, decides to take Dominic on his offer for a nightly stroll.

On the walk, Kermit confronts his double a wanted criminal, Constantine, and is easily defeated. Constantine disguises his mole and puts one on Kermit to completely throw everyone off on their identities. Kermit is thrown into a Siberian prison controlled by Nadya (Tina Fey) with inmates Danny Trejo, WWE’s Hornswoggle, Josh Groban, and others.

Meanwhile the Muppets are having a lot of success with the fake Kermit, who is stealing from important buildings during the performances to find an ultimate treasure.

There’s some funny typical Muppets back-and-forth dialogue, lots of songs, an insane amount of cameos, this eight Muppets movie delivers what you’d expect. The story is not best one as it feels so ridiculous the emotional heartfelt scenes are not as compelling.

A good family watch that kids will enjoy as there’s enough action, mischief and silly moments to keep a young audience entertained. Fey, Trejo and even Hornswoggle deliver hilarious musical performances, some of which are arguably the best moments in the film.

Far from the best Muppets adventure, but if you’re looking for more of the same you won’t be disappointed.

Disney’s Frozen Blu-ray combo pack review

A powerful secret magical ability has kept a princess isolated from society and her own sister in order to protect them from potential destruction in the new Disney Blu-ray release, Frozen.

The Academy Award winning flick stars Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel), Elsa is the one with the ability to freeze, shoot snow & ice, and create winter-like creatures because for an unknown reason she is magical. Her sister Anna is not.

As the king and queen died, Elsa was set to be crowned queen. This gave Anna the chance to leave the castle and interact with people for the “First Time in Forever.” In her song and dance she runs into Hans (Santino Fontana) a charming prince that she believes is her true love. Anna confronts her sister about this leading to Elsa’s magic getting exposed and turning the entire land into an endless winter.

Elsa flees the castle and hides in the mountains. Anna embarks on a mission to save her and ends up meeting an ice seller named Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) who is the complete opposite of the love of her life, but the two settle their differences quickly in order to survive the cold and wildlife.

Frozen is a fun engaging story for children and adults that enjoyed the classic Disney movies. With a memorable selection of songs and gorgeous backgrounds, this film is a perfect addition to greats such as Lion King, Aladdin, and so on. This movie sets the standard for high quality animation. The humour provided by the snowman Olaf (Josh Gad) adds an extra element of awkwardness that is also commonly found in past Disney titles.

Not a lot in terms of extras. There’s a few deleted scenes with introductions to all of them, a musical presentation of how the film was made, music videos and trailers fill up the rest. It does feel like Disney held back on bonus content in order to comeback with a grander collector’s edition in a few years from now.

Best release by Disney in years, a must have.


Rated PG

Disney Animation Studios

Run time of 102 minutes

Frozen [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy] (Bilingual)

Guardians of the Galaxy review

guardiansFive outcasts band together to keep a powerful planet destroying orb out of an evil tyrant’s hands and into the hands of someone with a lot of money in Marvel’s new movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Chris Pratt stars as Star Lord, an unsuccessful space thief who steals an orb that can destroy life instantly if it falls into the wrong hands. Enter Ronan (Lee Pace), an obsessed power hungry maniac doing the bidding for super villain Thanos (Josh Brolin) until he can gain more power than Thanos. Ronan sends Thanos’ half daughter Gamora (Zoe Saldana) to retrieve the orb from Star Lord, but ends up battling a raccoon named Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) and a one-line talking tree named Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel).

The four of them end up in jail where they put their differences aside, at least long enough to keep Gamora from getting killed by the inmates and Drax The Destroyer (Dave Bautista). Drax’s wife and daughter were killed by Ronan and getting revenge is his main objective. Fortunately, Star Lord is able to convince him not to and in the meantime Rocket comes up with an amazing escape plan.

The action in 3D is the incredible standard Marvel comes out with. What makes this movie special is the amount of character interaction and engaging conversations the five misfits have with each other. It feels like there is a lot going on all the time that you have to pay attention to everything on screen.

Star Lord’s obsession with ’80s music, Drax always serious demeanor, the odd friendship of Rocket and Groot, and the relationship between Star Lord and Gamora, the heroes trying to work together is more entertaining than them trying to save the galaxy.

Marvel movie lovers will not be disappointed and this film has the potential to be the biggest summer release. It is worth watching more than once in theatres.

Un week-end à Paris DVD review

Un Week-End a Paris DVD 3DUn Week-End a Paris DVD 3DUn Week-End a Paris DVD 3DUn Week-End a Paris DVD 3D

Married 30 years and on the verge of separating, a couple return to their honeymoon location, Paris, and embark on a variety of misadventures in the TVA Films DVD release, Un week-end à Paris.

Nick (Jim Broadbent) and Meg (Lindsay Duncan) attempt to reinvigorate their marriage but end up coming to terms with the issues that push them towards divorce. Both realizing they are getting older, they question why they are even together through a series of conversations which is the main feature of the film. About halfway through the movie they meet up with one of Nick’s long-time friends, Morgan (Jeff Goldblum) whom invites to a party that tests their ability to remain together or not.

Money, children, accusations of infidelity, it feels like almost every standard issue a common married couple has to deal with is touched upon. The quality of the film lies in how real the characters talk to each other. Funny at times at how random Meg can be with her actions and her moods. Nick comes off very whiny and insecure creating awkward and dramatic moments.

While Morgan is featured little, his role helps create some of the best moments in the flick. By the time the dinner table scene arrives there is a growing tension between Nick and Meg that explodes in a public and shocking way. It feels like a journey uncovering their marriage filled with bickering, bargaining, and romance.

English and French are the two versions available in the feature menu. Unfortunately no extras are included. Director’s commentary or a behind the scenes featurette on how the thought process came together would have been intriguing.


Un week-end à Paris

TVA Films

93 minutes

Available on iTunes

Maleficent review

MV5BMjAwMzAzMzExOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTcwMDA5MTE@._V1_SX214_AL_Evil is born with a broken heart and a lust for revenge in, Maleficent, a different twist from the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty featuring glorious 3D fight scenes and landscapes.

Angelina Jolie stars as the legendary villain who in this version of the story was the true hero. King Stefan (Sharlto Copley) was the villain that betrayed her and stole her heart. Stefan gave her companionship as a child and her first kiss. Greed kept Stefan away for a time. Greed brought him back and turned Maleficent’s heart cold.

The curse scene stays true to the original, powerful acting by Jolie and Copley during it.

Afterwards lots of revisions. Maleficent is one taking care of Aurora (Elle Fanning) while her protectors argue. She changes her mind on the curse but cannot break it. All the while Stefan grows in paranoia and insomnia.

Disregard how the original played out and enjoy the adventure presented. Lord of the Rings grand-style fight scenes, dazzling lively backgrounds and magical creatures galore. Despite a PG rating there is some dark and violent moments. The torture the twisted king and demented fairy put each other through is accompanied with chilling music and hateful intentions.

Disney usually delivers when it comes to bringing back classic characters with a fresh look. Worked for the wizard of Oz with evil also created with a broken heart and human greed. The special effects are so good the story does not have to be filled with character depth. 97 minutes goes so by so quick because the movie is highly enjoyable just to look at.

Children not easily tormented by nightmares can watch this. Teens and adults can definitely enjoy the action, fantasy, and the intrigue on how this revised tale ends up. Disney is going in the right direction with films like this.



Million Dollar Arm review

ddWith his career as a sports agent on the brink of collapse, JB Bernstein pitches a radical new idea for a reality show called Million Dollar Arm to find MLB pitchers in India.

The movie starts off with Bernstein (Jon Hamm) losing his top client to competition and begins to create doubt in his staff and himself that his agency can stay float. While watching a game of cricket and switching channels to see the rise of Susan Boyle, Bernstein gets the idea of how he can save his business. Bernstein starts a talent search for TV giving two kids in India a chance at playing in MLB. The search is aimed at finding cricket players and trying to convert them into baseball players after the two throw the fastest and most accurate pitches.

However, Rinku (Suraj Sharma) and Dinesh (Madhur Mittal) the eventual winners of the competition do not play cricket and do not even like the sport. A minor detail that Bernstein hides from the media.

The transition for the players to the North America lifestyle  and Bernstein having a relationship with his tenant Brenda (Lake Bell) are the focal points for the rest of the film. Bernstein is use to dating models while Brenda finds a random hunk at the hospital she works at. They have their differences in terms of values, but they clearly have a lot of similarities. The language, understanding baseball, and getting the attention of Bernstein are the main issues for Rinku and Dinesh.

Jon Hamm is the main selling point of this movie. His struggles, failures, mistakes, take up the most of the run time. He’s no Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise that can deliver a performance everyone will remember, but he still delivers a solid character that can make you feel for him.