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Top 10 MMA Rankings- April 2015

This is the 42nd monthly installment of the Ringside Report official Top 10 MMA rankings. These rankings reflect results from February 18, 2015-April 1, 2015. Frank Mir re-enters the Top 10 at 10th overall after a KO win over Antonio Silva on February 22. Silva falls from 9th last month into the honorable mention category. Alistair Overeem goes from an honorable … [Read More...]

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Seventh Son review

An evil witch has returned and threatens to turn the world into absolute darkness unless a drunken old knight can train the Seventh Son in about a … [Read More...]

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Wrestling Uncensored EP. 228 now online

Wrestling Uncensored EP. 228. Original air date: March 21, 2015. Hosted by Dave Simon and Johnny North. Simon and North discussed Seth Rollins v. Randy Orton at Wrestlemania and how much TV time is dedicated to their feud. Simon and North … [Read More...]


Ringside Report Radio March 20 now online

Ringside Report Radio. March 20, 2015. Hosted by Dave Simon and Fred Garcia. Simon and Garcia discussed results from UFC 185 including Rafael Dos Anjos' win over Anthony Pettis to become the new UFC Lightwweight champion. Simon and Garcia … [Read More...]


Wrestling Uncensored EP. 227 now online

Wrestling Uncensored Episode 227. Original air date: March 14, 2015. Hosted by Dave Simon and Johnny North. Simon and North discussed Daniel Bryan officially entering the ladder match for the Intercontinental championship at Wrestlemania … [Read More...]