WWE: Royal Rumble 2013 DVD review

rrdvdThe most electrifying man in sports entertainment, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, made a triumphant return at this year’s Royal Rumble event defeating the 434 reigning WWE Champion CM Punk.

Relive the near 30-minute encounter that has been building for months with the DVD release of the annual January pay-per-view. Rock clearly showed that it was difficult for him to compete again WWE as his cardiovascular conditioning was highly questionable. Due to his Hercules-like shape, Rock is clearly blown up a lot quicker than he was 10 years ago. Punk took advantage of this by controlling the majority of the match. However, the will not die attitude of Rock kept in it and he looked like he was about to win with a People’s Elbow.

Then the lights suddenly went out.

Rock was left laying through the announcer’s table, believed to be another attack from The Shield. Vince McMahon got involved and was going to strip Punk of the championship, but Rock said, “you’re not going to take the title away from him, I am.” With that the match was started and Rock ended Punk’s incredible run as the road to WrestleMania started.

Rock’s opponent for WrestleMania 29 was also set as John Cena won his second Royal Rumble throwing out the rookie of the year in Ryback at the end of the match. Despite Cena’s win that was not the most shocking moment. Chris Jericho making his return to WWE as the no. 2 entrant in the Rumble took the entire wrestling world by surprise. Jericho, sporting new tattoos, had the crowd rooting for him nearly the entire match. After finishing second last year in the Rumble, Jericho was among the final participants, but sadly did not improve on his past performance.

The show starts off with the World Heavyweight Championship match as Big Show challenges Alberto Del Rio. After Del Rio stunned the world by defeating Show on Smackdown in the same match, not many believed Del Rio could do it again. Seeing is believing, and although Del Rio got help from his personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez, the match does not have DQs and Ricardo using duct tape on Big Show is completely legal.

Every year the Rumble match is the main attraction, but this year definitely Rock’s return to challenge for the WWE Title again was the biggest draw. Great buy for Rock fans, not so much for Punk fans.

WWE: Royal Rumble 2013

Rated PG

eOne Films

Run time of 180 minutes

Released on Mar. 5, 2013