The Pit Master Workout: The Pit Workout 2-disc DVD set review

Buckets of sweat and sore muscles all over should be more than expected with The Pit workouts, even the original two-disc workouts will challenge your level of strength and conditioning.

On each disc, retired Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Chuck Liddell, who is the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion when the DVDs were filmed, introduces his trainer John Hackleman. Hackleman gives a brief description of each workout before demonstrating each one with his students. On the first disc Hackleman shows you an upper body workout and a lower body workout. On the second disc Hackleman shows you a complete body workout. The second disc also contains bonus material on stretching, handwraps, punches, kicks and combinations.

Before any workout you should make sure your body can handle the physical toll you plan to put it through. Even for advanced mixed martial art fighters these workouts can push your breaking point, as a lot of the routines require a lot of fast movements in a short amount of time and you will be working a lot of different body parts. Hackleman tells you in the beginning that you can do this at your own pace, but to get the true effectiveness of the workout, you need to keep up with the level of intensity Hackleman demonstrates.

Following a warmup and stretching exercises, the upper body workout starts off with going back forth between burpees and shadowboxing. Push-ups and punches drill will get your heart rate up as Hackleman has 11 different push-ups and you have to do the push-ups either a set of 20 or to the count of 30 seconds. Hackleman seemingly enjoys to lose count and that can make the drill a lot harder to do when you try to switch between push-ups and punches. Although this is a upper body workout Hackleman still has kicks in every one of his workouts.

In the lower body workout Hackleman starts off with knee bends with a kick that is not just good for cardio but good for stimulating a fight. Side kicks followed by a deeper squat with the knee bends really pushes your quads and flexibility. With Hackleman doing the routines he does not always catch how some of his students do not perform the drills properly. The front kick drill is a perfect example as one of the rare times Hackleman stands in the back of his students, he has to repeatedly ask for front kicks. Unlike in his Twenties DVD, Hackleman keeps a cool-head about it in a smirking moment.

Much like in the upper body workout, punches are in this workout with the focus first on power and later on muscle memory. Following some combinations and drills the focus shifts back to the lower body where Hackleman shows you the Christina position that is to be done along with freestyle leg kicks. If you feel pain in your gluts, expect that to be nothing compare to the 100 squats you have to do next.

‘The Pit Backjack’ is a unique exercise in the full body workout as every drill has to add up to 21. 20 push-ups and one squat thrust to start until you make it to one push-up and 20 squat thrusts. A lot of the drills in this workout are similar to ones in the latest Pit workout DVDs, but Hackleman also has abs drills in this one. This one is not as painful as the lower body workout, but it is longer and will push your cardio level just as hard.

While punching bags and jump rope can help, no equipment is required for any of these workouts. There is no doubt that these workouts will definitely get you into shape, improve your endurance and increase your striking power. It’s a shame that Liddell is only shown for a few seconds to introduce Hackleman, although Liddell is shown training on another DVD in the Master Boxset. This DVD set is a must have for beginning MMA fighters, for people just looking to lose weight, those looking for a challenge or if you want to get into better physical shape. Hackleman’s approach to working out is simple to follow and for the low price offered for just these two discs it’s one of the best deals you can find for workout DVDs.

The Pit Workout

Run time of 180 minutes

$19.95 separately

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